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Default Re: WWOS sunday 10am

That was a poor face off.

Fair play to Choc for apologising to Geale and he seemed sincere and I think the body language of the handshake from Choc speaks more volume than his words.

In any case, Ken Sutcliffe is a poor host.

Choc took about 2 mins, 3 mins tops to say his peace.

Why rush him or keep the segment contained to 7-8 mins when there is absolutely no live programming the entire day. This should have been a 12-15 minute segment.

The footy show runs 30 mins over time almost every week. This was a much anticipated event, the two guys meeting after the press conference, why not let it play out a bit longer.

Sutcliffe clearly isn't capable asking relevant questions about the specifics of the fight, so I guess that's where the limitations lay with the format.

Sutcliffe has been on my nerves since his appalling hosting of the Olympics so this just took my frustration to another level.
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