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Default Re: WWOS sunday 10am

Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
It was clear from the word go, he had an Anti Mundine agenda, HE claims they didn't want him talking about the Racial statements, but its the only reason they were on the show today, if Choc hadn;t of made the statements last week, He and Geale wouldn't have been on the show today.... They may have been closer to the fight but not today,
Sutcliffe stopped Mundine from hijacking the segment, otherwise Geale wouldn't have gotten a chance to speak.

Instead of just letting it go at the apology, Mundine wanted some mileage out of his racist remarks by trying to make out it's all about how much of a saint he is for 'his people'.

He ended up coming across like even more of an idiot, throwing the black power salute and going on about 'if we're separated we're like an open fist like a fan' - Geale just left him swinging in the breeze on that

What an idiot.
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