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Default Re: WWOS sunday 10am

Good on Mundine for apologising to Geale's family, although he didn't actually apologise to Geale for what he said about him.

The interview should of gone for longer and it probably wouldn't of hurt to let Mundine finish off what he wanted to say as I for one would of been interested in hearing him out.

I do agree that it was probably only for his stupid comments about Geale that WWOS ran the interview this early, but there were a thousand different rants Mundine could of had to promote interest in the fight that didn't involve Geale's heritage or family.

I also think that Mundine didn't come across as sharp as he has previously in other interviews leading up to fights, although no doubt he'll have plenty of oppportunities to lift his interview game as the fight approaches.

Anyway regardless of what we all think the hype has been set and now the circus begins until they fight. I just hope the fight is going to live up to the expectations after all is said and done.
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