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Default Re: Mundine apologises to geale

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
And your about as articulate as your Idol Danny booshay Green.

Your trying to tell me what word ive used and in what context even though ive told you what context its intent was? are you crazy.. do you need help? Should i just let you talk for me from now on and can you read minds? all be it through the soft part of ones skull hahaha !

I tell you someone whos "Pathedic Jealouse Racist" is your idol Danny Booshay Green, and he is also a cheating dog. Your head is firmly stuck up his ass u cant see the light of Day. Loser is you

Hey - we were talking about you using the term "HONKY" to address me - I've shown you up for being the racist that you are, you've resorted to threatening me from behind the safety of your keyboard, and now you're trying to change the subject to Danny Green.

I can't remember the last time I posted about Danny Green, but you never stop posting about him
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