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Default Re: starting boxing at 25 after massive ankle op

Training for boxing is very strenuous and can be very hard on the ankles. Ask your orthopedic Dr. that performed the surgery if he/she believes your ankle can take the strain of the workouts.

To properly train, there's running, rope skipping, shadow boxing and heavy bag work where you will be pivoting to throw punches and moving etc. All of this is tough on the joints, especially the ankles. And likely weeks of that before they let you spar which is a different animal all-together.

Also, what are your goals? Are you just looking to get in decent shape or do you think you'd like to try the amateur's for a while? Truthfully, not many fighters of any caliber turn pro after starting at such an advanced age. Very few have made a career in boxing after starting in their mid 20's.
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