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Default Re: Anderson vs Fedor - who is the GOAT?

Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
K1 fights are irrelevant. Barnett? Only 1 of those wins was truly legit and impressive. And even the legit one was a victory after Barnett just had a vicious fight with Nogueira like an hour beforehand.

Coleman, Randleman? No.

Igor. Meh, he's an alright win.

Herring? No.

Wanderlei? A guy who by rights should have been a middleweight AND should have lost to in their first fight under normal rules.

Fujita 2x?

Heath Herring was a legit win, or at least a more legit win than Igor. Heath was a tough ****ing dude who had beaten Mark Kerr, Igor, and Tom Erickson (robbed blind against Vitor) and gave Big Nog and Fedor two of their toughest fights. Cro Cop on the other hand destroyed him.

But yeah I totally agree with you on Cro Cop being overrated as a MMA fighter
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