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Default Re: If Alan Rudkin had beaten Fighting Harada...

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
That was actually a response to Frank

But yeah, McGowen wasn't the greatest ring general as, for all his skills to liked to get too involved despite lack of big dig and terrible skin.

Medel sets bear traps. Actual bear traps. Big enough to snare bantams and to crush flys

McGowan was ace though.
If u cared about uploading d unavailable Gaby Canizales and Raul Perez fights , then u would not have remained so ignorant .

And remember , Jorge Lujan got stopped 0 times , Castillo got stopped 5 times and i discount d times when he was shot .
Also , Raul Perez got stopped 0 times @ 118 and had a considerably longer reign against even better opponents , or at least not any worse .
Canizales got stopped 1 time , still better than Castillo .
Chandler got stopped 1 time .

And this is comparing Castillo , clearly d gr8est and best of what u called d best era of 118 .

If I chose some1 else from that era , then i would find even more gr8er fighters from d better eras .

Castillo , Herera , Olivares were a significant advance from their predecessors , except maybe Jofre , but were not superior 2 Perez , Canizales , Contreras .

Castillo a top 15 @ 118 , Lujan a top 2 .
It may b that all of Lujan's losses during or near his prime except from Chandler when he was probably drained were robberies .

Lujan might not have been a tremendous puncher but was a gr8 fighter and yet a gr8er 118 .

U get swayed by d hype typically after all that u learned , having Orlando and Ricardo above Gaby (how and y did he get this name?) 4 a starker example 4 your idiocy .

edit : My mistake , Castillo was stopped 5 times b4 he got shot , not 2

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