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Default Re: Notable fighters that have recovered from shoulder injuries?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
Read this part again -

So what if "Mr xxxxxxx" recovered from the same type of injury, you're not him, it doesn't mean a thing to you.

Do as your doctor tells you, get through rehab and see how it goes. No amount of encouragement or hope will get you boxing again if it's a serious injury. If it isn't serious then you'll be able to box again once it's sorted. It's as simple as that.
So there have been no fighters who have had a really bad injury, like a serious injury who have come back? Or only small ones like mine? I know it is what it is, and I'm either going to recover or im not going to, I just wanna know what the probability of a full shoulder recovery is for a fast twitch sport like boxing. I know that of you like pull a muscle, you basically just have to rest it and it will be 100% eventually, but if you like break a leg or something, it will probably never be the same. Or if you have had substance abuse in the past, you can probably still be air traffic controller if you get yourself better and your life back on track, but if you are a narcoleptic, then you can pretty much forget about being an air traffic controller. Sorry if I keep asking the same question, but nobodys really telling me any examples.
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