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Default Re: Ricky Burns opponent

Originally Posted by rossco666 View Post
there's a few trolls hating on burns but most are at the wind up. there's some irish guy always talking **** about burns [forgot his name] i dont know if he's trolling or actually believes his opinions but he gets owned alot on the subject, most recently by PityTheFool in the general!
i really hope ***** lets burns go for the ring belt because none of the guys at lightweight are a big step up for burns, they aint elite, there's no JMM anymore, plus at lightweight burns seems to have added beastness too his obvious technical boxing ability, ring smarts and heart. He's looking good to go ***** so man up and lets see how he does!!!
I only wish I'd remembered the Sykes deal when he was trying to **** on Ricky's resume the other day Rossco.

Silly me! That was an opportunity squandered.
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