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Default Re: "I don't feel anything for him", Geale said "I don't dislike him and I don't like

Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
Come on guys, it doesn't make sense, Yeah sure you can say you dont feel anything for somebody (even though that's total bull****) but you can't not dislike and not like them..
Of course it makes sense.

Right now, I don't feel anything for you.
I don't know you except for what I see written here, you're mostly pretty sensible, except for perhaps right now, but you're also just an internet being that I converse with.

I don't like you, but I also don't dislike you. It's a neutral feeling.
Gealey might be getting punchy
I doubt it, Geale is very very professional and none of this stuff gets to him.

If anything, Mandy is getting punchy because he knows his usual tactics won't get to him.
His fans are definitely getting punchy because they know the circus is close to being over.

It seems like you guys (yep even you Whipsy) are looking for even the slightest angle here. Plucking things from thin air.

It seems to be very desperate time for Mandy and his followers.
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