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Default Re: Mundine open letter to the world - from his Facebook

Originally Posted by Crusher View Post
Choc is a good person. Simple.
Does he put his foot in his mouth sometimes. Yes.
Usually trying to hype a fight.
It's funny Danny Green says dumb **** all the time and the media don't say ****. Weather we care to admit it most Australians are racsist. Mundines comments about Geales family where wrong and he apologized.
To right, atleast he didnt come out waving some DVD claiming he has all the proof on the DVD in slow motion, he appologised which is something Danny Green still hasnt done to this day over the Briggs fight, instead he tried to convince us all that a soft part of the skull exists in all fully grown men and he hit that part of Briggs skull. Its not just the media that ignore it and give Green a free pass but also the fans.
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