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Default Re: Going from 17 per cent fat to 8 per cent-

Originally Posted by Ireland View Post
Going from 17 per cent fat to 8 per cent-

I weigh 192 pounds, but want to incorporate this with mma/boxing.

Ive been doing starting strength so the volume is low how would i go about this-
So you're planning on adding a general strength/conditioning training program on top of your boxing/mma training? I take it you only do boxing/mma 3-5 times per week, so wouldn't you just add those training sessions to days you're not in the boxing/mma gym? What exactly is the question?

If it's a matter of whether to crunch all that activity into a few sessions or spread them throughout the week, I think that's really up to personal preference and whatever demands you have on your time.

As an alternative to starting strength, you could also try the 2-day split of Jim Wendler's popular 5-3-1 program. He's got all the types of exercise as well as the reps, sets, and weights set-up so you won't have to figure out much on your own. Just plug-in your 1 rep max and have a go. Plus the two days lifting per week gives you more time for recovery and/or boxing/mma skills training.
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