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Default Re: Ricky Burns opponent

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Oh, cause the last time I looked Mr. Broner was 24-0?

Burns has fought domestic level fighters, and he is obviously a cut above that. But he hasn't shown it yet. Sooner or later, we'll get the fights like Broner, and we'll see then won't we?
how many times have you seen broner fight?

a domestic level fighter is somebody who cant beat better opposition than those in his country, paulus moses won the WBA in Japan, so theres one opponent alone outside domestic level.

Rocky Martinez has won in the states and england, recently winning back his title against Beltran Jr in the states again.

Michael Katsidis domestic level? what would that make burns seeing as nobody but me and a few others gave Burns a chance when that fight was announced?

Kevin Mitchell has won in the states and had just beaten the undefeated Eurpean champion, European champions are above domestic level, Europe is bigger than England.

And you talk about Adrien Broner emulating Mayweather, Mayweather had a debatable win over Castillo, Broner has a debatable win over Fernando ****ing Quintera, all comparisons can end right there.

"Sooner or later, we'll get the fights like Broner, and we'll see then won't we?"

who the **** has Broner beaten that would make him, in your mind, the best win in Burns career? What if he loses to DeMarco? who has he beaten to prove himself ABOVE Burns? so Burns is domestic level and Broner is world level even though Burns has a much better resume? Because Burns is Scottish and Broner is American?

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