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Default Re: Ricky Burns opponent

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I ain't twisted f*ck all, thats how I meant it all along. But nice try.

I can see why you would take it that way, because you want to get out of it what tickles your fancy and try and make others look like fools in the process.

I haven't conceded anything, I believe Ricky Burns is a step up from Domestic level, he has proved that now after beating everyone at that level, but I think thats where it ends. It's how you perceive it from then on, he's either still a very good domestic level fighter, or he's just a step up from domestic level. But the argument is, if he fails to beat a Vasquez, a De Marco, a Broner in the future......he just was a very good domestic fighter. HOWEVER, If he beats one of those, and he IS capable, then he goes from that, to world class. Better?

The only reason this is a debate, is because of the fanboys, simple as. Anybody open minded and unbiased can see whats up, the fanboys only see one picture, always have, always will. "Ricky Burns will do everyone!!!!!"

I have not once said Ricky Burns is ****, or compared him to Ricky Hatton stylistically. Once again people read and then take whatever they want out of it, totally out of context.

I hope the people in here are right, I hope Ricky Burns "does" Adrien Broner. But in my opinion (am I aloud that?) not yours, I think he falls short for the WBC. I'm not the only one who thinks that, but who is hounding them?

I must just attract arguments and clever clogs.
craney me old grandad,we know what you meant by domestic and you do,so don't twist it around
your explanation is possibly the worst explanation ive ever seen by someone trying to get out of a bit of complete *******s they posted,
" what i meant by domestic level is i mean he erm just fights at home not abroad so,erm that means he is erm a domestic erm fighter " just brilliant brilliant , don't worry, we all do,just take it like a man grandad
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