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Default Re: Ricky Burns opponent


No strike, until Ricky Burns fights one of those we have talked about, he remains a domestic level fighter and I stand by that. He may have beaten everyone at this level now, that means he has to step up and fight one of the three mentioned. It doesn't matter if he fights them here or there or anywhere. He has to fight them, these are the CLEAR elites at Lightweight. Ricky Burns may have fought people who have fought at that level or held belts in the past, but that doesn't mean Ricky Burns is Elite/world class level, yet, does it? So until he fights one of those who are, now, not in the past, now, if not fights all of them, and maybe wins one or two, he will remain domestic level, regardless of the WBO belt he holds.

He is relatively unknown, apart from in the UK. It's time to step up and prove his worth.

I repeat, he is domestic level now, and if he doesn't fight one of the three, he will remain at domestic level.

QUICK! Sign into your other accounts so you can agree with yourself and pretend your right!

RICKY BURNS, yes, your bum buddy Ricky Burns, IS domestic level and until he fights at the level we are talking about, elite/world class, he will REMAIN a domestic level fighter. He has obviously cleaned up domestically, but that still makes him a domestic level fighter, all be it, the cherry on the top of domestic level, but still domestic level.

And, lastly, the funniest thing in all of this, is that you confirmed to me in my response to Strike, the people that are on here. You read and cherry picked partially, so you can turn it into something its not and never was and try and cause an argument for everybody else to get involved in.

Well done. [/QUOTE
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