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Default The optimal foot/ hip rotation, how do the pros do it? Hows it done?

Im trying to learn the optimal way to rotate the foot and hip for power punches, and Im really inconsistent, sometimes its powerful and fast sometimes its weak.

Do you know of any ways or pointers to be able to get/ understand/learn this initial movement?

Ive heard the advice turn the foot like you are grinding out a cigarette this produces a weak punch for me.

Ive heard the advice think "turn the heel out" this gets me my most powerful fast punches but im inconsistent and dont really know why it works when it does work.

Ive heard one famous boxer say turn the knee inward this gets me sub par power compared with turning the heel out.

I heard one guy say internally rotate the foot/leg but sometimes this is weak sometimes this is powerful.

This is so fundamental, but its so hard for me to get, can you give me some pointers?

How is it done? Do the pros have different ways of doing this?
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