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Default Re: How can we be sure guys like Cadel Evans, Choc, Green and other guys aren't juici

should someone else own me then Mr spider hahahaha if one doesnt own himself then wouldnt that mean he is a slave?

U guys think Green is all mr nice guy plays fair? he got caught cheating during the BJ flores fight by an american who had no hate for Green, yet you Green fans said it was all sorts of sht but no one was able to really explain wtf it was he was drinking, he has constantly lied his entire career, and all of a sudden when someone presents you with information Danny is a saint?

lets play this out for a bit then, can ANYONE explain to me where the soft part of the skull is exactly on a full grown man? or do i need evidence for that also? hahahaha.. the most blantant fabrication ever and it just gets a free pass from you guys yet when someone points out he is on the juice you are all arms up in the air.. please then defend his actions on soft part of the skull will you. After all Danny is a saint, he wouldnt blatantly lie or cheat in a boxing fight now would he, he wouldnt heatbutt a guy on purpose either now would he .. oh sht he already did that and lost the fight in the process when he all but had it in the palm of his hand lol ,,, morons lol..

I dont claim to be no Authority on anyting Dawsos but i sure know a sht load about this stuff than a guy like you and spider. I knew the moment Green took on a real legit CW he would get pumped and i also knew he would make BJ flores come in at Dannyweight, i knew briggs took a dive and i knew he had been riding Mundines tail coat from day 1, can you say the same? i also know the benifits of supplementation unlike your dumb ass.
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