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Default Re: InvictaFC getting no respect around here.

Originally Posted by Lynchburg View Post
You've written that like you work for them... do you work for them?

I respect WMMA. I train with women too and have no problems with it.

I think you'll find most of us on here have the same opinion too.

Please let me make it clear.....No, I do not work for them or any MMA organization. No gorilla marketing here. If I did, there would be no shameless promoting...It's not my style.

What I find interesting is how these females seem to put it all out there...much more so than the men (or so it seems). If I sounds as though I speak out of turn, it is because of much less exposure than you and others on this board, have.

I was primarily interested in the thoughts of everyone. Thanks for replying.
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