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Default Re: InvictaFC getting no respect around here.

Originally Posted by BoxersDaughter View Post
Please let me make it clear.....No, I do not work for them or any MMA organization. No gorilla marketing here. If I did, there would be no shameless promoting...It's not my style.

What I find interesting is how these females seem to put it all out there...much more so than the men (or so it seems). If I sounds as though I speak out of turn, it is because of much less exposure than you and others on this board, have.

I was primarily interested in the thoughts of everyone. Thanks for replying.
This is true. However part of it is because they don't have the same power. They don't have the ability to break an eye socket or a rib or even an arm with a punch or kick or knee, or to just light somebody up with one punch. You see it in the lighter weight divisions of the men too - they are more keen to stand right in front of each other and trade because they have less concern about being knocked out cold with one punch.

Still, it makes for exciting fights and the women often fight like they have something to prove. Which, in a sense, they do. It's still a little off-putting to watch two women beat the **** out of each other though. And the relative lack of power means that they can get worn down by cumulative damage - an outclassed participant in a woman's fight is more likely to take a drawn-out beating than an outclassed man, who chances are will sooner or later walk into the one shot that puts him down and out of the fight.

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