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Default Re: Gennady Golovkin Likely To Fight in December, Then March on HBO

what resume ? barely edging a washed up sturm who macklin beat more convincingly ? 2 african nobodies ? a hard fought decision against a paper champion ( sylvestre, who got KTFO'd by " the bum" proksa ) and a 37 year old former titlist ?

and i just love it when people randomly throw " eurobum " " euro trash " to dismiss a fighter's wins . as if somehow 7 of the top 10 middleweights ARE not europeans , or as if geale's best win is not against a washed up european who lost to another EUROPEAN contender ( macklin )

GGG ko DG in the 5th
Ah look. Another uneducated moron who thinks Golovkin is the second coming of Kostya Tszyu. Sturm washed up?? LOL so 33 and coming off a TKO win of the no.8 middleweight (former WBC belt holder) is now considered washed up. Good one you ****ing tool. Geale won, Macklin lost you ****ing moron. DEAL WITH IT

a hard fought decision against a paper champion
LOL, once again thank you for proving that you DKSAB and that you obviously didn't even watch the fight. Geale won easily and it was only a pathetic judge from Denmark that scored it for SS and has been known to give dubious decisions to European fighters.

GGG resume is a piece of toilet paper that only amazes ****wits like yourself and does not even come close to Geales let alone anyone else in the division. Proska is his best win: a bum with no defence and my 89 y/o grandmother could've hit him it was that bad, but don't let facts get in the way of you riding the GGG **** train.

TRIPLE GGG is in a different category than all the middles...and i believe geale can ko sergio.
gennady is on another level all together.
I don't normally agree with TCboxa, but he is 100% correct in saying you are a ****ing dumb**** who doesn't know **** about boxing so there is no point even getting into a discussion with you as you clearly don't know have a clue.

Just make sure you spray that thing in you profile pic with a can of Mortene so it doesn't lay eggs.
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