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Default Re: How can we be sure guys like Cadel Evans, Choc, Green and other guys aren't juici

Originally Posted by perko View Post
Easy money TC if ya got the evidence , just need to trot up to any of the daily papers - show ya source and proof and walk away with a brick [ ****** speak for a million bananas ] . Green on drugs would be the biggest story in town since the bodyline series in the 30s and you'd think by now some battlin sports journo woulda cracked this story if there was anything in it . Willing to bet me life you'll still be as broke as me at Chrissy though.
The problem with that is the same problem with Armstrong, it will eventually come out but it has to be a collective exposure, one person just cant expose this guy on his own. Greens history tells us one thing, he is NOT an honest person and he has NOT been drug tested on every world title fight which alone should raise alot of eyebrows, i thought ALL WT fights had compulsury testing but i guess when its Danny Green and the IBO he is immune to such a thing, its why they let him get away with the sports bottle incident, claiming it was Gateraid when there is no farkn Gateraid that looks thick and syrp looking like he was drinking. He also wanted water straight after drinking it, i know when i buy gateraid i always get a bottle of water to wash it down

I have no intrest in going to the media about what i know, all one need to do is put the peices together and one will soon realise he is on something, u cant put on muscle for the duration of time he has put it on, not to mention when you come off the sht you loose a tone of weight which is pretty much what he has done, the roids didnt work for him, he looked to bloated and bulked up so he stopped it and now looks like he was when he 1st hit CW. Danny Green couldnt lye in bed straight if he tried so its not out of this world to conclude he juiced up.
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