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Default Re: How can we be sure guys like Cadel Evans, Choc, Green and other guys aren't juici

Originally Posted by The Spider View Post
So it's gone from "Green IS using drugs and you know who supplies them" - see above.

To "It's not out of this world to conclude he juiced up" - see below:

Not surprised at your about face when you have nothing but "pure speculation"
Pretty ass hurt over the comment i made to you about Mundines PPV numbers i see, take 5 and just relax Mr Spider Boy, you speculated and thats pretty clear. Myself on the other hand have 1st hand information regarding his juicing and i really cant say much more than ive already stated. You choose to do what you wish with that information, im not asking you to belive me, what i did put out there is that its not out of this world for people like you to conclude he is juicing given his history and the information that has thus far been provided but like pulling a horse to water, i cant make it drink and as thick as you are, you chose to do what u will with the info provided and make up your own conclusion.

I watched the armstrong doco the other night and whilst nothing was proven against him the evidence was overwhelming, alot of people know Green is on the juice just like alot of people know Briggs took the dive but its upto said people to speak up or cover it up.

its like a bank robber, if he has been busted robbing a bank and then does his time, comes out and a bank is robbed on the same day the same time as he was seen in said bank, its easy to asume he robbed the bank. Green has a history of cheating and telling lies , put the puzzle together and work it out for yourself, im not drawing you any pictures
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