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Default Re: How can we be sure guys like Cadel Evans, Choc, Green and other guys aren't juici

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
I will have to dig them up again, someone touched on the dramatic weight gain already, i posted the info a while ago on ESB when it looked pretty obvise he was taking something, it may have been after the BJ Flores fight when he was busted sipping on what he claimed was gateraid, to which no one todate has an explination for, gateraid doesnt look thick and like a syrip as does the sht he was consuming. It also picked him up during the fight, he was fading then they gave him to drink and he was back in action. Even BJ commented on it. If you search ESB forums u should find the post. I really dont want to comment on it much further as im likely to get a few phone calls, will prob get one already for saying what ive said.
Ty maybe Greeny was drinking Golden Syrup from an old Gatorade bottle inbetween rds ?

It certainly wouldn't surprise me if Greeny was cheating because he has a history of devious activity in boxing with the Briggs fiasco, threatening to sue boxing nsw, cheating catchweights etc etc. Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Make sure you get that evidence up sometime tonight so it can be investigated by the forum.
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