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Default Re: How can we be sure guys like Cadel Evans, Choc, Green and other guys aren't juici

Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
i have addressed gonzo's original point in the thread many times, you are the one who keeps coming through with unsubstantiated accusations and heresay and getting annoyed when people refuse to believe your tripe.
u cant even keep up with the dribble your posting.

It wasnt Gonzos point i was refering to numb nuts, it was Francis in regards to Danny drinken the golden syrup. which you addressed as the following

applaud him for doing it, have you ever tried to drink golden syrup? let alone whilst fighting, it only adds more prestige to his victory over bj flores.
you think its a joke then good for you i know you cant debate this one as much as you would like, similar to debating soft part of the skull, ur kinda screwed on this one weather you admit it or not
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