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Default Re: Gennady Golovkin Likely To Fight in December, Then March on HBO

dude those novice fighters all went to ED with either brain bleeds or broken his fights on youtube and its clear that he has inflicted massive seems like your in not trying to rub u up..

Brain bleeds and broken ribs? You are making up **** AGAIN. Broken noses and jaws, yes I can confirm that from a number of his fights, but I can give a very large list of fighters who have done the same. E.g Geale put Karmazan in hospital.

Not in denial mate, being realistic and working with whats in front of me whereas you have done nothing but make ridiculously stupid statements like "GGG is on another level" to the likes of Martinez and Geale based on rubbish. You are pretty much saying GGG is up there with the likes of Mayweather and Pacman seeing as they are not far ahead of Martinez in a number of ways and all this based on the fact that he knocked out a bunch of novices.

Wake up mate and BTW I've been a follow of boxing close to 14 years now.
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