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Default Re: Anderson vs Fedor - who is the GOAT?

Originally Posted by chimba View Post
Everyone can lose but that was almost a decade ago. Right now, there is not one fighter that I think can beat Silva outside of the massive HWs. You cant stand with the guy and 80% of the fighting is on its feet and He is more than quality on the ground.

He can only beat those who are in front of him and Hes beaten them in such convincing fashion that you can pretty much deduce other outcomes (pretty much the same with Floyd although Silva has faced better competition).

His Resume is better than that of Fedor who has not fought anyone since Crocop and Nog in a decision. Dont get me wrong Fedor is great but I think Silva has surpassed him and I like Fedor more than Silva.

I could care less for Silva and Ive been posting that for years here and I love Jon Jones (not lately) but even with this I have to be very ojective, Jones would get beaten up.

There will be a time that Silva will be impossible to take down, the guy keeps getting better and I'm quite shocked because this guy came from being tripped up by Lutter with his pinky to being amused by Bonnars (who is massive) TD attemps.
I dont see how you can say his resume has surpassed fedor when 90% of the guys on his ufc resume are mid level guys, its all about context at the time fedor smashing nog is miles ahead of anything silva has done, imo he would have to dominate jones to get a win as big as that.
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