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Default Re: The Brawl in Montreal - who would defeat Duran on that night?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Should be favoured:

Kid Gavilan. Styles.
Sugar Ray Robinson. Sugar.
Tommy Hearns. Physical equipment.
Mickey Walker. Too much monster.

Interesting Possibilities but no money down.:

Armstrong - near Duran's natural size which should give anyone pause based upon that performance, but Hank could also out-monster the monster. Duran was more skilled, but Armstrong is utterly unbreakable and it's possible that he would do more landing and swarming down the straight.

Emile Grifith: An uber-spoiler with elite strength might be just the ticket here. It's hard to see Griffith outlanding Duran in very many rounds but he holds some of the similar aces to Gavilan - negates the brawling portion of the Duran style the was so key here with physical attributes and technical delivery. Could certainly be out-worked generally and out-hit int he pocket, but Duran might not like what he gets.

Fritzie Zivic: Especially under his own ruleset, Zivic is only a slight underdog if at all. Duran's aggressive pursuit would open up numerous countering possibilities and the range opens the bag on the ultimate back-alley wizard's numerous store of tricks and fouls. Would lose under the ruleset that goverened the fight in Montreal I suppose.

Other possibilities: Felix Trinidad and Joe Walcott, though clearly inferior in terms of skill are packing the kind of dynamite that cost Duran so dearly versus Hearns. Although it should be pointed out that neither have that lazer-guided accuracy that served Tommy so well and that they would probably both get badly out-boxed, 15 rounds is a long time, especially against the Barbados Demon.
Gavilan is an interesting call.

I agree with pretty much everything there, I reckon Barbados could well be the hardest p4p puncher in history.
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