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Default Re: Angelo Hyder interview-This may be Danny's last fight

Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
Angelo lives vaugely near my neck of the I've known of Angelo from long before he became 'famous'...yes, he was in the Army and won some armed forces amateur titles and represented the Aus. armed forces.

I don't beleive he ever fought professional, in fact I'm sure he didn't, but he certainly had a lot of amatuer fights, I've heard some impressive numbers- something in the order of 80-100 bouts in the pure simons.

Of course, it doesn't translate to professional acumen, but it's a better start than most of the frauds who have never taken a punch and who wreak havoc as trainers with our sports most valauble commodity- their young charges.

Angelo has been promoting sporadically for at least 10 years, mabye 15 or so (late 90's I think)...and really kicked on into the boxing game after he left his gaurd job at the Mount penang boys home. Boxing is a tough game to make an earn at in any capacity, so more power to him.

Sure he has his detractors, but many of them don't seem to know him personally...and if everyone liked him he probably only would have lasted a coupla months as a promoter.

As for being a pro trainer, until the Brigg's debacle and criticism, it was Green's push to make 'amends' and fight names (Tarver etc). So Angelo seemed to have recognised Danny's limitations and was matching him accordingly and very carefully until that he's not doing too badly in my book.
You make some great points . At this stage of greens career i don't think any trainer would make a big difference for him stylistically so it is hard to judge on his abilities as a trainer i guess.
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