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Default Re: Gennady Golovkin Likely To Fight in December, Then March on HBO

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Guess what mate? It's my opinion that he is a **** fighter and I do "LOL" at you trying to say he is underestimated yet you think Geale is " a fighter regarded higher than his achivements warrant" when you have a large amount of people who don't even have him in their top 3 MW despite holding two world titles he won on foreign soil

Lets look at KH resume: Matty Hall 17-0-1 record consisted of novices and was ranked 109 and was a reasonably exciting fight. Proksa being beaten by KH (whether it was a gift or not) doesn't do much for GGG resume now does it? (That's is more directed at spastic aka mrdoctor). Barker will knock his ass out and you can hold me to that seeing as Barker gave someone like Martinez a decent fight.

I actually said you were butt hurt because of the FACT that "an Australian did what your boys Macklin, Murray and Barker couldn't do and that is win a world title." and not over what I posted. Although it may be difficult for you, try to read it properly next time.

So you assume I just watched boxing? Lol I'll let you keep thinking that.

Face the facts: Both Kerry Hope and Proksa are journeyman fighters at best and whether you like it or not, I have the right to say they are **** fighters, so suck it up princess. Have a nice night mate.
Lol i was dead set chuffed Geale rescued the titles from Germany and i said as much here with heart felt congratulations but if you want to squark otherwise because it helps you out in some way proving GGG is **** all also then carry on ( Pro fighter flying under the radar ) BTW What's ya record sweetheart i can use boxrec as well ? ....but then again you are probably another Ty Alt . Sleep well champ but if you even dream of landing one on either Kerry Or Proska tonight you will probably end up out of bed so get yourself a nice cup of Horlicks down you to aide your fall . Nos da Cariad .

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