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Default Re: Ricky Burns opponent

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Not World Class at Lightweight YET. Neither is Adrien Broner, but when he fights and if he beats, De Marco, world class opposition AT lightweight, he will be considered world class at lightweight, forget the 1 fight.

Ricky Burns has not fought anyone at that caliber at lightweight yet. And Ricky Burns' next fight is against 59th ranked Liam Walsh, which neither takes him forward to the next step (where he needs to be) nor does it take him backwards. It keeps him stagnated, this is due to W-arren, not Nelson or Burns.

That's why I said, I feel sorry for Ricky.

Whether the fanboys choose to pay any attention to this post or not, (because it seems most of them are just taking what they want, and then getting their knickers in a twist)

Ricky Burns SHOULD be fighting world class opposition.......but he isn' how the f*ck can he be world class? W-arren is keeping him at domestic level, just look at the next fight.

It's undeniable. The fanboys and boxing "know it alls" are simply deluded if they think otherwise.
Genuinely glad you pointed that out Craney,and it's for that exact reason that I think people are wasting their time asking Billy on another thread.
Most people have an idea what Ricky is like,and sadly the attributes that make him so likeable are also the reasons he won't kick up a stink.He's very loyal to his manager(and you could argue with good reason) who in turn is very loyal to his promoter.
I suspect Billy would tell you if he felt inclined that him and Ricky genuinely wanted to chase ATG Juan Manuel Marquez when they held the interim belt.
Even hardcore fans of Ricky acknowledge that might not have been the smartest idea,but the point is that Ricky and Billy want the big fights even more than us fans do.
But for the uninitiated,this is a good insight into the machinations of boxing promoting,and it's not as simple as we all want it to be.
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