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Default Re: How come i Bench 205 pounds but Squat just 160 pounds?

Originally Posted by hifiboy View Post
I assume you don't have a dedicated legs day? Do you put as much effort into your legs as you do your chest? You know the answer to your own question. If you do 3 days lifting then do a split, something like

day 1: Chest/Shoulders

day 2: Back/triceps

day 3: Legs/core (Don't **** around, ass to grass squats, leg press, weighted lunges)

Don't neglect legs just because they don't look good in a t-shirt. Working your legs will release more testosterone and help you grow all over.
I'd say squat every day that you lift. Just my opinion. With only a 3 day split no reason to take a day off in between to recover. I did it for months. Ate plenty drank plenty (water tea etc not alcohol).
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