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Default Re: Ken Sutcliffe speaks on Mundine

Originally Posted by dominator View Post
It's a good point you raise in reference to Mundine saying and doing what he wants.

One thing I noticed on WWOS on Sunday, was watching the Geale - Choc segment and the James Magnussen segment afterwards, was that Geale and Magnussen both wore their sponsors logo on their respective shirts.

Choc rocked up pretty casual with his own Boxa brand jacket.

I personally think that's a pretty cool look given he is not always adorning corporate sponsors on his gear and is not toeing the corporate line.

That's why he never has any backlash like the Alan Jones situation as he doesn't rely on the sponsors as much as many of his peers in the sports and entertainment industry.
People seem to get over excited when somebody famous does something less than squeaky clean because the media blows it up into a big deal when it isn't really.

Mundine does what he wants to and acts on his own principles, yet people villify him for it instead of respecting it.

Too many jealous haters can't deal with the fact he has no boss.

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Creepy virgin . Posting on another 20a87 thread when I am on "ignore".

You read everything I write .

Originally Posted by TheDuke View Post
I agree it is pretty cool that Mundine has his own brand that is (presumably) doing well. I don't necessarily agree that the lack of corporate sponsorship is why there was less backlash against him.

I think it's because the people who usually arc up about racism were confused by who the racism was coming from. The media likes things in black and white.
No it is the lack of corporate sponsorship, people don't like it unless people are grateful and humble for everything they get. Too many people have the mentality of a *****.

Originally Posted by boxon123 View Post
I have a question about his work for the community. Wasn't he paid a 50k sponsorship to push HIS peoples land rights agenda?
Mundine does a ridiculous amount of work for the community.
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