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Default Re: The Brawl in Montreal - who would defeat Duran on that night?

Originally Posted by Vyborg1917 View Post
I disagree with your characterization of the fight. Hearnís maintained a distance where he could hit Duran but Duran could only reach him by lunging. Hearns hurt him at that distance; a feat heís always going to be capable of given his physical characteristics, and only really bum rushed him when he was in desperate trouble.

As great as he was, the dynamics are always going to be all wrong for Duran; no amount of willfully blind romanticism can get beyond that.

He hasn't on his bike like he was against SRL... He wasn't moving around and boxing.. He was standing toe to toe with Duran.. which IMO isn't a great strat against Duran... How don't care how big you are... A prime duran had great reflexes and great countering. Hearns was there to be hit and moving sticking and moving. Rest assured.. if SRL could hurt Tommy to the body... Duran most certainly could. IMO it was a bad play on Hearns part that worked out... I just think he would to that more times than not.. and pay the price for it.
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