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Default Re: The Brawl in Montreal - who would defeat Duran on that night?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
this is where you and I do not agree. Leonard was not prime in June of 1980. You said here Duran was prime, yet then when he lost to Benitez just a year and a half later he was somehow washed up. As for Leonard, all he had to do was get it in his head to fight his fight -learn the lesson not to fight Duran's fight and be suckered into it by emotions and he wins the fight. That was not Duran deciding he was being humiliated and quitting. Ray was starting to land punches to the head and body and Duran quit. I would even argue Leonard really was not prime yet for Hearns in 1981, but it was the closest thing to his prime he ever came since he retired after Bruce Finch in 1982. To think Leonard was prime on his second defense of his first title? By the same argument, Duran lost to Dejesus in his first defense of his title in 72 or 73, so the prime Duran lost to Dejesus? Now Duran had 30 or so fights when he lost to Dejesus, Leonard had about 25. My point is Leonard was not prime for Duran in the first fight as Duran was not prime for Dejesus the first time.
your still in some "duran is not top 10 p4p" mode. this thread is specifically about that one night. I'm not saying he was washed up against benitez. I'm not sayiong he was pre prime for de jesus.

Him and Leonard fought prime for prime on the night in question. Duran won
Leonard isn't part of this debate, he's the one man we definitely know loses. Pick some other guy to bang on about.
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