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Default Re: sonny bill $3, francois botha $1.40

Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
So a clever young man could cover his bets. Unless there is a draw you cannot lose. Odd's on draws are usually good enough so that you can minimise that eventuality also. And unlike in the old days when betting on fighters, you can do it over the internet anyomnously and without risk of having your thumbs broken. Australia's just not the same without SP's.

I think you'd probably get better odds on Botha in South Africa also, unless he's in poorer condition than we'd expect and the oddsmakers know it.

Khoder is not stupid...he's lost his main meal ticket and his relevance is slipping (hopefully!), so he wont be risking SBW unless he's confident Botha's a soft touch. And Botha's best days where eons ago...he's an opponent now- he knows which side his bread is buttered on.

SBW by some sloppy stoppage.


er, no. betting doesnt work that way...slight variances may differ from country to country but the web kinda changed that and brought everything into line.

sonny bill certainly isnt 1.33 in nz, saying that with kiwi's. anything is ****ing possible
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