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Default Re: The Brawl in Montreal - who would defeat Duran on that night?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
Well in my mind Duran would beat most guys he fought regardless of June or a few months later. He was great as I have stated. The guys he would lose to probably are Benitez,Hearns,Whitaker and Mayweather. Delahoya is a toss up for me. Oscar would have to use his jab and fight a very careful fight but he has the style and speed and jab to maybe do it, but he could not handle a brawl with Duran. I don't think Curry could beat Duran. Donald put his feet too wide apart, and Duran would eventually get to him and stop him late. Mosley had quick hands, but he stood still too much and that would be the same as Leonard/Duran one. I think the results would be the same in June or Nov. 1980.
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