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Default Re: The Brawl in Montreal - who would defeat Duran on that night?

Originally Posted by rusak View Post
Leonard lost a close fight in Montreal. It wasn't lopsided at all. I had Duran winning by 2 points. If Leonard fought "smarter" he could have won.
and that was Ray's whole point of fighting Duran's fight. He wanted to beat him at his own game. Very immature of Ray. Fighting Duran's style just to prove something after he insulted his wife. but he learned a lesson.
I remember when Ray fought Tommy in the rematch, he was pointing at his chin at press conferences and trying to get Tommy to lose confidence and to get out of his fightplan. Tommy wasn't falling for it, then Tommy said out of the blue a few days before the fight" Ray you look big!! you sure you aren't talking something?" Tommy was insinuating steriods, but he was not serious. Ray was floored. Then Ray said to Tommy " I will put my whole purse on the line if you put yours on the line also and if I am negative you give up your money" Well Tommy didn't take it, but I remember right then Tommy turned the prefight around with one comment. Ray was not as great as he wanted to be in prefight tactics. Duran was a natural and could take comments better than Ray. So could Hearns. Ray was a great fighter, but he was not the tough minded guys Hearns and Hagler and Duran were. He could beat them, but they had the long career.
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