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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Hey Yaca, thanks for the great post and for keeping the thread alive. I have to really apologise to you I’ve been totally out of the loop of normal life the last month so haven’t been able to post anything, sorry man.

I’ve known the results but haven’t watched the fights until now, so thanks again.

I kind get the same homework feeling, so how do you think I feel know a month later! Sorry again I haven’t been uploading anything onto YouTube either, I’ll get back to that this week probably. About Paulo and my tape, maybe I’ll bump into him in BKK someday, but knowing him he’ll have some utterly bizarre, but somehow believable excuse as to why he doesn’t have it any more, shame cos I believe it may well have had one of mine on but never mind back to the real business at hand…….Saenchai……

What’s to be said that we don’t already know about the great one….He basically made a top 5 P4P fighter look like he had been pulled in form the provinces on an hours notice to fill the card!!! Singdam just was totally out classed in every single department! It was entertaining cos it was so amazingly dominate. Saenchai’s defensive skills are just insanely unreal, did he really take anything at all of any note form might Singdam, not really the odd kick or punch….. He really has Somluck’s awareness, elusive trickery and angles imbedded in him, can you imagine if Saenchai had a more athletic frame like his teacher!?!?!

Going into Rd 3 poor old Singdam actually thought he had a chance at it and to his credit gave it ago, but that was playing into the little wizard’s hands and lost him the fight before it had really got going, Rd 3 was huge for Saenchai. Rd 4 Singdam knew he was cooked, and in Rd 5 he came out swinging hunting the KO for all of may be 30 secs until the futileness of the situation became all too clear and well we know the rest…… I think we can safely say most Thai fighters no matter how good are just too traditional for Saenchai, he can read them too easily like Somluck before him, it’s probably gonna take one seriously special unorthodox foreigner to really o the business on the little master.

Does Somluck every take anything seriously?!?! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, but I guess unsurprisingly it turned out a real disappointment. I mean Yodwanpadet could barely cross the ropes into the ring (he was announced as 58, I thought he was 51). It looked pretty clear he was in survival mode from the off and Somluck looked just surprisingly…..well……old to me in there. It looked alittle like the kind of fight you get in the redlight areas between ex fighters. Sure he still has his slippery elusiveness and a few off his old tricks, but his hips looked real tight, he just looked very very average and off. Some people have since said to me he went easy on the older Yodwanpadet, but I don’t buy that I just think he’s time has finally come, he’s shot. By the way for anyone that doesn’t know Thailand too well , that was a classic Thai ending to that fight, no one lost face, no one got stopped which let’s face we all could see coming, I think someone had a quick word with the doctor.

As I understand it he’ll be fighting Kem in December on the Lumpinee B-Day bash, oh dear……he’ll survive quite easily but win…….

That was Nong O vs Phetboonchu’s 6 meeting and Phetboonchu was well up for that one, his relentless ***** out Thai spirit mixed with some great clinching what won him the fight. I really do like Nong O’s style though, that elbow punch combo in Rd 3….

UUUUoohhhhheee, what a fight …… Wancahi vs Newlookrak
What the **** is “Dutch” Muay Thai, well I’ll tell you…’s inferior to Thai Muay Thai fought at range by a striking wizard. The first 3 and a half rounds Newlookrak gave a masterclass in MT fighting at range with crisp punches and beautiful fast powerful kicks, wow an absolute thing of beauty……I’m in love…….. imagine if Newlookrak was at 69 vs Petro K1 rules, what a fight that’d be!!!! All credit to Wanchai when the typical round three Thai alarm clock went off and get actually woke up he tried with every ounce of gravel in his belly he turned it into a great fight, talk about heart….

(By the way Flea, Newlookrak also fights as a Sakon boxer, one for you to keep tabs on for the future.)

Sittisak vs Thongchai….Ouch, that looked nasty, I hope Sittisak is OK.

Over all, a good card for the hardcore, but a bit dry for the casual, I’d say.


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