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Default Re: Somrak wants to fight Buakaw!!

Originally Posted by SugarShane_24 View Post
Okay, so he turned pro after 1996 olympics.

Supposed he got by the preliminary ranks sooner than expected, like less than 10 fights in. That's after probably 2 years.

Alright, so he's into title contention by 1998.

The champs at that time were Freddie Norwood (WBA), Manuel Medina (IBF) and Luisito Espinosa (WBC).

I think he can forget the WBA and WBC. His best chance is against Manuel Medina who is a bit inconsistent at times.

And honestly the IBF roster at that time was relatively weak.

IMO, he'll get beat by Espinosa, Norwood, Hamed, Gainer and Marquez. Not to mention Morales and Barrera yet to move up at 126.

Somluck can win a title, but I don't think he'll keep it long as well. Not to mention that his heart isn't into boxing as it should.
Interesting take Sugar.

I'd be interested to hear what the mighty Flea has to say about it.

One thing about Somluck, yep I'd say his heart never left the MT world, but as a pure natural fighter in the mould of Samart his fighting heart can never be questioned wheter it be boxing or MT, whatever style or rules Somluck would always give anyone the toughest fight of thier career.
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