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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE 33 for the first time......

Wanted to watch some prime Hendo and Wanderlei, so I watched PRIDE 33. Thoughts on the card:

Hendo-Wanderlei was a really good fight. Back and forth action and Hendo was the man. He really took it to Wanderlei. My only criticism was that Wandy was very inactive on the ground, and he looked strangely gunshy at time. Aside from that, the fight lived up to the expectations I had of the two men.

Shogun-Overeem was my favourite fight on the card. Enjoyed that one a lot. at skinny Overeem. And Jones beats any version of Shogun more times than not in my view.

Diaz-Gomi was very exciting, but I wasn't impressed with Gomi at all. TERRIBLE conditioning - he was exhausted after 4 minutes. Showed a lot of heart and fighting spirit, but he looked soft and out of shape. Did he not train properly, did he come off roids to fight in the US, what was the story? Based on his reputation, I expected a lot more from him. And Diaz was fantastic when he grabbed the sub with a face full of ugly cuts.

Wasn't impressed with the undercard tbh. Meh, it's not like it ruined the event.

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