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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE 33 for the first time......

And a cage is much better for MMA than a ring is. I ****ing hate these restarts while the clock is ticking. It really disrupts the flow of the fight to have the fighters move themselves to the centre of the ring and reposition purely because they're too close to the ropes and they're getting tangled in them. Also it seems to make fighters hesitant to power through takedowns, because the ropes are dangerous when two men go flying into them off-balance. Plus I find it really weird to have the crowd pulling the ropes back and reaching out to touch the fighter's legs and feet while they're working on the ground.

I quite liked the "After the Fights" video. Was funny hearing Trigg complaining that he was too old to do half of this **** anymore.

All in all, I enjoyed watching this card. Any recommendations for the next PRIDE card for me to watch? I've seen the Fedor-Nog-Cro Cop fights, but as individual fights, not in the context of a full card. Aside from this one, Final Conflict 2005 is the only full card I've watched. Recommendations for the next one?

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