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Default Re: How can we be sure guys like Cadel Evans, Choc, Green and other guys aren't juici

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
wow you must really have a nice teacher to convince her to write your posts. It's a good thing you have been warned about child molesters, but it's a damn shame your parents weren't warned about the effect of inbreeding when having a child, seeing as your mother gave birth to brain dead, illiterate, spastic, piece of filth like yourself.

Did you know that recent studies have shown that those who usually make allegations of one being a child molester have a 3 out 10 chance of being a child molester themselves? Of course you didn't seeing as you don't and can't read,being a re**** and all.

I hope your school doesn't allow you to be alone with younger students.
your getting off on this .your sick bro you need help...
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