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Default Re: YOU vs Ed O'Neill in a submission grappling match

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
when stoo wakes up he is going to come in here and post **** Off Johnstown 20 times in a row....i use to make these threads in the past he heated them.
Just out of idle curiosity, I did a search for Stoo's posting history on the forum.

His last 10 posts:

Three were "**** off Johnstown!" and nothing else

One was "**** off leejunfan" and nothing else

Two were "" and nothing else

One was the single word "Puppies!" and nothing else

And three out of ten actually had anything at all to do with an MMA discussion.

Which is a shame, because he actually does have knowledge and can make good contributions to a discussion. He can actually improve the standard of this half-dead subforum if he wants to. But instead of that, he prefers to just troll and be a ****, all the time for no reason, and ruin threads instead of contributing to them. Shame.

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