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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE 33 for the first time......

Originally Posted by turbotime View Post
Wanderlei prime in the Hendo fight?

Wanderlei prime in the Saku fights. ****ing hell that Open weight tourney took his damned soul. ****ing Cro Cop !!
You are right. He wasn't that old, but he was definitely on the slide. For some reason I had PRIDE 33 tabbed as being a three or four years earlier than it actually was. Perhaps because Nick Diaz was very young, and I associate him with being a lot older than he actually is.

But yeah, Wandy wasn't prime. Not shot, but not peak either. And he had no business fighting Cro Cop in an open weight tournament. Even though he did well, he's just too small for such a skilled opponent with a striking pedigree like that.

Hendo pretty much had a 15 year prime though.

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