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Default Re: Just watched PRIDE 33 for the first time......

Originally Posted by Shogun Assassin View Post
Gomi was a lazy ******* that didn't feel the need to train or give it his all when his title wasn't on the line, he was there to be taken and Diaz survived the early onslaught to do it.
I don't understand all this non-title fight bull****. A quick peek at wiki () says that Gomi fought five times during this period, and four of them weren't for the title.

Originally Posted by Shogun Assassin View Post
other than Misaki-Trigg the fights all ended in finishes and were all atleast decent. Plus one of the biggest upsets in MMA when an unknown Judoka knocked out a top 5, iron chinned Lil Nog in less than a minute.
Yeah the fights were decent, but I mainly know PRIDE through the hype on here. So I expect a lot, because the org gets talked up a lot. And it was a good card, don't get me wrong. It just didn't blow me away. It was just a good card, you know? No more and no less.

And Little Nog, well I haven't seen most of his best fights. I've seen him lose more than I've seen him win. I haven't seen his most famous wins. But I've seen him get soundly outfought over 3 rounds by some blonde nobody in the UFC, only to be awarded one of the worst decisions ever. So watching him get laid out by Sokojou was surprising but not THAT shocking to me, because I never perceived him as being anywhere near as good as his brother.

And I really don't like the ring. I think that's a ridiculous arena for a mixed martial arts match. The frequent resets and people slapping at the fighters really detract from the fights, IMO.

Originally Posted by Shogun Assassin View Post
Watch Pride Bushido 9, if you can find a fault with that event I think you should reconsider being an MMA fan.
Will watch it.

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