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Default Re: Daniel geale holds all the aces

Originally Posted by teke View Post
Who gave Oscar a fight like that before Sturm? - Mosley, Quartey, Trinidad but they fought a ODH at his best which is a far cry from the ODH who fought Sturm

Back on Topic...

Close to a decade after the ODH (v Felix fight) Geale beats Sturm via SD, imo this doesnt suggest he has come on leaps and bounds since the Choc fight 3 years earlier, he really should have wiped the floor with him - that's why i wouldnt be gauging the outcome on this fight on the Sturm form, you'd be better gauging it on Mundines declining form which most ppl are anyway.

Sturms record is alright for a stay at home Euro fighter
My problem is with the word 'ordinary'.

Mosley, Trinidad, Quartey, Hopkins, Mayweather, Pacquaio

Not bad company for someone 'ordinary'.

And yes if you could have simply said that Sturm is well past prime but he did hang on and defend the WBA belt for 5 years which is about 4 years longer than Green or Mundine have managed to hold onto any of the trinkets they acquired.

I never called Sturm an ATG but he's had a career that topic number 1 and topic number 2 in the Aussie forum could only have dreamed of.

That is all
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