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Default Re: Daniel geale holds all the aces

Originally Posted by teke View Post
Oscar wasnt shot, he was past his best but he wasnt only flat in that fight, he was FAT, out of condition and out of his division and waiting for the final bell so he could give Hopkins a payday in his next fight

The Mundine that fought Green or Soliman 2 are 2 clear performances that would have smoked Sturm and I cant even believe you asked me to give examples as you already know Sturm would get bashed. Green KO's him, too big too strong, you credit Sturm for fighting a fat midget you gotta credit GReen for KO'ing all time great RJJ, Paul Briggs

Keep disagreeing
i will but i'll have to keep it to myself. If you think the absolute shells that were briggs and jones are anything like 04/05 overweight oscar......
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