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Default Re: Who do you have in the GSP/Condit fight?

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
When was the last time GSP fought anybody with an aggressive game from their back? I'm not just talking looking for sweeps and submissions, which Condit also does regularly, but also throwing elbows and punches constantly. GSP is going to have to work if he is on top of Condit. He's going to have to work if he is standing with Condit.

This will be the best GSP fight in years.
Who has Condit utilized his aggressive guard and ground game against?

GSP is THE BEST at controlling a guy from the top in the sport, period. He has COMPLETELY dominated every single person he has ever gone to the ground with. Exception Hughes I and Penn I. Those were a long time ago.

You have to consider who the opposition is. He won't be as aggressive against GSP as he is others off his back, because GSP will not allow him to be and keep him in uncomfortable positions and under threat. It's simple.

If Condit can't keep it standing, Condit is going to lose easily.

And also, GSP hasn't fought many people who are known for their guards, because he has fought the very best. The fighters who rarely get put on their backs in other fights (Fitch, Kos, Hughes, Penn, Silva..) But that does not mean those fighters aren't as good as Carlos on the ground.

Penn has better Jits then Carlos and a better ground game and he looked helpless in the 2nd fight off his back.
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