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Default Re: Who do you have in the GSP/Condit fight?

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
He has dominated everyone he has gotten down, yes. But, pretty much everyone he has faced has been a non thread from their guard. Their main goal is to wait for an opening and get back to their feet. The only exceptions that I can think of are Serra and Penn, but they are both much smaller men than GSP and Condit, and neither utilize the elbows like Condit does.

All I'm saying is that he isn't going to be able to control him as easily as a guy like Hardy or Alves, and I doubt that GSP will be looking to use his stand up too much in this one. Condit will always be working, and he is one of the few guys that seems to improve as a fight progresses, so he is never out of it even if he is down 4 rounds.
I agree. It may get interesting. GSP may be extra careful on the feet given the layoff and Carlos's striking. Will be interesting to see if Condit's cardio holds up with GSP on top of him though, that is alot of strength to hold off.

I think we're going to see a fired up GSP hit that octagon, and think Condit will get beaten then submitted. Maybe it's wishful thinking though. (Nothing against Condit. Just want GSP back!)
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