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Default Re: How active on average a year are British Muay Thai fighters

Originally Posted by Wisdom View Post
(sorry for the late reply)

really only 3 a year I thought Muay Thai fighters were extremely active often fighting weekly ?
It really depends on where you choose to base yourself and how serious you are about the sport.

I’m out of touch with what goes on in the UK these days but 3 to 4 fights a year for a solely UK based fighter sounds about right. You have to remember that in the UK, Holland, France the US etc. most people that train MT don’t fight, depending on the gym maybe 25% have a go in the ring….maybe. Out of that 25% it’s only a handful that totally devote themselves entirely to MT cos of a bunch of reasons maybe work, family, age, lack of skill, who knows what. You may get more opportunity for regular fights in Holland and France than the UK, but it’ll still be along similar lines. There aren’t enough fighters in any of these countries to put on reagular shows stacked with evenly matched fighters from all the weight divisions, cos the fighters they just aren’t there, they don’t exists.

That’s another reason a lot of guys base themselves in Thailand, not just for the training, but the never ending opportunities to fight, especially if you weigh below 147. Hundreds of regular shows all year round featuring around 65,000 pros who all probably fight no less than 9 to 10 times a year. Look at P4P MT king Saenchai; he seems to fight every three weeks... (Can you imagine boxing’s P4P king Floyd Mayweather doing that!) How do you think Buakaw ends up with over 400 fights, plenty of opportunity. A lot of Brits and other Westerners some famous some not so famous base themselves in Thailand and can fight at least probably every three weeks if their bodies can hold up to it. We seem to take longer to heal up in the heat than the Thais do, who not withstanding injury can and will fight anyone at the drop of a hat as often as thier gym requires them to.

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